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This week in Primary 4 we've been practicing our 4 and 8 times tables using lots of different activities. We went outside today and used hopscotch grids to practice as well as creating our own games using the chalk and loose parts. We've also worked on our Scottish topic and created a Scottish landscape picture. We selected a 'cold' base colour (to match our weather!) and added white and black paint gradually to change the shade. Then we added a silhouette of a Scottish animal. Well done to our Star Writer (Alicia), Marvellous Mathmatician Ernestas), Handwriting Hero (Kai) and Reading award winner (Cerys)!

Arran- "I really enjoyed doing the Scottish artwork as I like art and I liked it was about Scotland."
Jessica- "I enjoyed the Scottish picture because the painting is relaxing."
Callie- "I enjoyed playing invasion games in PE this week."