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In PE we have been really enjoying our block of gymnastics. We have been focusing on performing skills, both on and off equipment, using control, balance and strength. We are beginning to challenge ourselves to link various movements and skills together to create a sequence. 

We also have been working super hard identifying the features of a limerick and creating our own spooky Halloween limericks. Here are a few examples of our work- 

There once was a pumpkin named Boo
She went to a sparkly, spooky loo
And she asked her ghost Fred 
If his favourite colour was red?
Then he exploded into green goo
~Emma S 

There once was a ghost named Loo 
Who had lots of children to chew 
He snuck up on a child 
Whose parents went wild 
So they turned him into a coo 

There once was a skeleton named Ocean 
Who walked to the park in slow motion 
He sat on the swing
And found a gold ring 
Then accidentally drank a poisoned potion

There once was a ghost named Lilly 
Who was such a silly-billy 
She went to the shops 
And saw a bunch of peacocks
And one of the peacocks name was Tilly