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Primary 7 have already achieved so much in their first three days back at school. Our days have been filled with lots of problem solving, team work and discussions around our school values and classroom charter. We completed 'cone coding' in the MUGA, creating our own coding rules and sequences. We've also picked our class novel and are already 6 chapters in! Today, we completed some challenges as a team in our 'Primary 7 Escape Room' to unlock the treasure chest and retrieve our special treat! Here is some of what we have been saying about this week:

Macauley, Harley-Lee & Adam - "We had to work together to solve the coin stacking challenge, through trial-and-error we attempted lots of different structures. It took us 20 minutes to get it right."

Harris & Carson - "We learned a new type of puzzle challenge called a 'lighthouse puzzle', it used a lot of brain power and forward thinking."

Erin & Hannah - "We really liked the Escape Room because we had to do lots of problem solving in our team. When we counted up all the answers we got it wrong but we went back over it together and got it right."