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Primary 6 have been enjoying our Rainforest topic. We are looking forward to presenting all of this learning for our class assembly.

Our focus this week has been the layers of the rainofrest and the animals you would find in those different layers. This will then lead us on to do more research on the different animals.

For our art we drew toucans and it was good to see how unique the final results were. We used chalk pastels and charcoal which allowed us to blend the different colours.

'When we did the toucan it was fun and really showed the different colours of the toucan.' Teigan

'Learning about the rainforest was really fun' Amy-Lee

'It was fun learning the rainforest dance and songs' Aaron

'I really enjoyed learning about the different layers and if I was an animal I would be in the canopy layer' Aiden

'I enjoyed the rainforest posters where we were able to draw the animals and find out the different facts' Zac