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P5 and P4 had a brilliant time at the Glasgow Science Centre on Wednesday.

'I learned if you smoke then your breathing slows because cigarettes can damage your lungs.' Teigan

'I enjoyed the I-Max because of the story about how climate change affects the earth and how it can be seen from space.' Lily

​​​​​​'I enjoyed the trip because it was very fun.' Noah

'I really enjoyed the illusions, especially the one where Curtis's bottom half was gone!' Alistair 

​​​​​​'I enjoyed the air hockey on floor 1.We played with 2 people from another school as well. It was a four player game and it was fun.' Ethan 

​​​​​​'I enjoyed having my lunch because we got to have it outside.' Mirren

'I had fun when I turned the handle on an experiment and built up so much pressure that it went BANG!' Kirk