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Primary 6 have been exploring the digestive system this week and doing practical experiments to demonstrate how it works. We were also looking at Vitamin C and how important that is for our bodies.

We watched information videos on how the digestive system worked and did some research to find out how each part worked in the process. Then came the yummy bit... we mixed up digestive biscuits and water to represent food and then squeezed it through a pair of tights to show how the intestines work! There were some sickly faces during this πŸ˜‚

We were then looking at how important Vitamin C is for our bodies. We set up an experiment using Vitamin C tablets, water and apple. Different amounts of Vitamin C were put in the cups with the water and we then observed over 48 hours the difference on the apple when it had lots of Vitamin C and when it had little to none.

The discussion and teamwork through these tasks was excellent!

We move on to looking at heart and lungs when we return.