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We have been learning about adverbs. 
"An adverb is when you add more detail, like I'm running fast"- Emma S


We have been adding money and learning to give change using subtraction.
"We had to decide if we add or take away to solve the problem"- Oscar


"Primary 7 organised games for us to play during PE. My favourite was 'Cross Over'"- Rowan

We have been learning about our brain and how to keep it healthy. We did an experiment with an egg to show how fragile our brains are. We also did the stroop test to see if our brains could cope with 2 problems at once. 


We have been looking at different types of houses as part of our new topic. Last week we created "families" and this week we have been designing a house for our family to live in. 
"The fun family have a two story house with 3 bedrooms. I sleep in with my mum and dad because I'm just a baby, I don't need my own room yet."- Charlie 

Award Winners
All our award winners can been seen in the photo. Well done to everyone in P3 for working so hard this week. Have a great long weekend! 😁