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This week we have been modelling human hearts as part of our My Health topic. We have been learning about how the heart works and it was fun to see our blood pumping around the body. ❤️

We did some Rainbow 🌈  science on Thursday dissolving skittles and making rainbows with paper towels and colouring pens.

Miss Dunlop showed us how to make hovercrafts and we tested them to see who could make them fly the furthest. 🪰 

We made a kind of pattern with skittles and all the colours came off and it stained the plate! Oops! Then we ate some too. Iona 

I liked painting a picture of my heart. Lewis 

I liked doing exercise to see how my heart rate changed.

I liked seeing the skittles dissolve (and eating them!) Seryna 

We were pretending to be in Star Wars with the hovercrafts. Thomas & George