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Primary 7 have started their preparations for their Burns Supper by looking at some of the work of Robert Burns.

Our focus has been on Tam O'SHanter. Over the last week we have analysed the poem and worked out the meaning of the different Scottish words. Some of our favourites were nappy-beer, dub-puddle and noddle-head.

We also created storyboards from the poems and used our drama skills to perform parts of the poem and bring it to life.

'I enjoyed doing the drama because it was fun and helped it to make more sense'

'I really enjoyed watching Tam O'Shanter and acting it out really brought it to life for me'

'I liked the storyboards because it helped me learn more about Tam O'Shanter'

'I enjoyed the drama because I got to be Maggie the horse - I felt sorry for her losing her tail!'