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We have been so lucky to have Mrs Picton in P5 for the last 6 weeks and wish her all the very best for the future.  Here are some of our favourite things that we have done with her...

‘Making the Egyptian jewellery.’ Mirren
‘When we made the Islamic tiles.’ Alistair
‘When we did the getting to know you clouds.’ Lily
‘When we made our tombs.’ Kirk
‘The personality clouds.’ Ethan
‘I liked the measuring task.’ Aiden
‘I liked the maths that we did together.’ Zac
‘My favourite bits were everything!’ Teigan
‘My favourite was when we did gymnastics.’ Poppy
‘I liked acting out bulling scenarios in Drama.’ Freya
‘I liked it when we did gymnastics when we did the mirroring.’ Brooke
‘ I liked it when she first came to our class.’ Amy-Lee
‘I liked doing the cannon in gymnastics.’ Curits
‘My favourite was when we made the Egyptian jewellery.’ Jackson

Thank you Mrs Picton! Your next school will be very lucky to have you.