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This term in Primary 6 will be full-on but packed with fun! We are looking forward to the run up to 'Christmas' and all the various activities we will get to enjoy along the way.

Up and coming activities:
  • Spooky Halloween Spectacular
  • Children in Need Activities
  • Book Week
  • Christmas Fayre (an exciting Christmas Craft coming your way)
  • JRSO Activities
Our Learning/Focuses this term:

  • We will be continuing our learning in Reading - focussing on ensuring we understand and can use the North Lanarkshire strategies, linking them to our group reading books. We will also continue to practise reading aloud.
  • We will be continuing our learning in Writing - focussing on the genres of instructional, explanation, persuasive and narrative.
  • We will be continuing our learning in Spelling - exploring different strategies to retain spelling rules and phonemes, transferring these into written pieces and using websites such as Study Ladder and Educandy.
  • We will continue to focus on Listening and Talking throughout various curricular areas whilst also developing our skills in sharing experiences for example, as part of assemblies.
  • We will be learning about Subtraction, Multiplication and Division¬†- focussing on the formal written methods and various strategies to help with our mental subtraction (including Problem Solving).
  • We will be learning about Maths - focussing on 2D and 3D shape this term.
Health and Wellbeing
  • We will continue to engage in Circle Time, enjoying the opportunity to share our thoughts and feelings with others, sharing positive strategies that can help others in times of need.
  • We will continue to develop our understanding of the different cogs linked to Emotion Works, transferring our learning within different contexts.
  • We will be learning different skills as part of P.E. with Mrs Padkin - exploring the different skills needed within Rugby this term and exploring the different techniques within Social Dance.
  • We will be learning different skills as part of P.E. with Mrs Hutchinson - continuing with Active Health, focussing on cardiovascular activities including a variety of circuits and the 'Bleep Test'.
Other Curricular Areas
  • In Science, we will be focussing on 'Forces' - developing our understanding of their affects on ourselves and other objects.
  • As part of COP 26, we will be participating in a variety of activities to help us understand this current topic.
  • In our class topic, The Rainforest, we will be learning about food chains focussing on key vocabulary including producer, predator and prey. We will also be learning about the geography of rainforests - linking in with our learning in Maths.
  • This list is not extensive but gives an insight into Primary 6 learning this term.
Mrs Padkin and Mrs Hutchinson.