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What a Week!
P5 have had a fun filled, interesting, informative, exciting, fab, community linked, eggcellent and emotional week!

Author Visit
‘The author, Allison Galbraith, gave us a signed copy of her book after she told us one of her stories.  Then we gave her a copy of our book.’ Julie-anne

Book launch
‘This week we launched our book ‘Being 8 Inches Tall with P5!’.  Now it is in the Forth Community Library – Go and check it out!’ Curtis
‘We will be sending out a link to our digital version of our book soon.

Wiston Lodge
‘My favourite part of Wiston Lodge was the high ropes.  At first I was scared but the second time I was the fastest one to climb up.   My confidence had been built up because I knew I had trust in my friends to keep me safe.’ Ethan
‘The thing I liked most about our visits to Wiston was the cannoning because the frogs were trying to jump into our boat!’ Freya
‘At Wiston Lodge we all had lots of fun. We saw tadpoles and frog spawn, looked at different kinds of plants that we could eat, made fires and roasted marshmallows.’ Georgie
‘We got to make our own fires and we roasted marshmallows – it was delicious!’ Amy-Lee

Community Litter Pick
‘We went for our community litter pick yesterday and collected 20 bags!  It was crazy! We hope that everyone will try not to drop litter in the future.’ Kirk
‘It was really fun being outside doing the litter pick.  We were helping the environment.’ Mirren
‘Yesterday we collected litter from around the community.  Our class got 2 bags of litter.  Look after the environment please – we only have one planet!’ Jackson

STEM Eco challenge task
‘We have had lots of fun designing our eco village of the future…I came up with the idea of Boris the Eco-Robot!’ Alistair

Biomass tour
‘I saw a bunch of different rooms that I never saw before. I found out about how the biomass heats the school. I also learned how the bell works and how it is controlled by Mr Currie.’

Fire visit
‘I learned a lot about fire and what to do if there is a lot of smoke…you need to keep down low to the ground.’ Lily

Farewell to Mrs Wood
‘I am really sad the Mrs Wood has to go.  I can remember when I came into the school for the first time she was the first person I saw and she was really kind.’ Zac

Have a great Easter break everyone!