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We have visited Wiston lodge and the church in Forth to see the Easter Code this week.
'We had a good time.  My favourite thing was making the fires.' Noah 
'We got marshmallows at Wiston and at the Easter Code.  It was great! Mirren
'I learned that in the Easter Story that Jesus broke bread and shared it with his disciples and asked them to remember him.' Julie
'I felt proud of myself when I finally got sparks for the fire using the flint and steel.' Zac
'I felt brilliant when finally got the fire started.' Ethan
'I learned how to make fire and I taught my Dad when I got home.' Aiden
'I had two really proud moments at Wiston.  The first was making a fire with flint and steel and the second was getting over the 6ft wall!' Freya
'I enjoyed when we were doing Mission Impossible.  We had to work as a team.  In the second round we had to hold hands and not let go. It was really hard, but we eventually got there.' Curtis