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We had a great time at Wiston Lodge on Tuesday! Here is what P5 thought of their first class visit…

“Very fun place and I would like to go again.” Aiden
“It was great fun and I enjoyed doing the archery.” Lily
“It was a very fun place, my favourite thing was archery.” Brooke
“My favourite thing was shooting balloons.” Poppy
“I liked the bush craft, it was fun.” Jackson
“I loved the bench challenge because it was fun and difficult at the same time.” Freya
“Exploring in the forest I found massive rabbit holes it was awesome.” Kirk
“I liked the walk we did so we could all calm down.” Julie-Anne
“I am looking forward to the canoeing.” Alistair
“I really enjoyed relaxing by the canoe pond.” Zac
“I really enjoyed the floor in lava game, I am looking forward to next week.” Georgie
“It was fun, it was awesome, it was cool.” Mirren
“Very fun it makes me want to go back straight away.” Noah