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World Records and World of Work!

This week we have had several visitors in P5, who very kindly gave us some of their time to tell us all about the jobs they do.  This has all been part of the Developing the Young Workforce week, providing us with opportunities to learn about different careers, about the various tasks are involved within those jobs, what types of qualifications, skills and experiences could be required for them etc. We had a lady from Levenseat, a quantity surveyor, vet, company director and a representative from the RHET (Royal Highland Education Trust).

‘Our visitor from Levenseat, Lisa, told us all about all of the jobs at Levenseat.  I was surprised because there were so many different jobs there.  For example, engineers, office workers, lorry drivers, cleaning team and more.’ Zac

‘Mrs Sloan came in to tell us all about the role of a quantity surveyor.  She was telling us about her work and that she had worked on lots of buildings link a big hospital, that took a long time to build, and schools too.’ Freya

‘She has to measure and work out budgets and how much things could cost.’ Georgie

‘Jim, from RHET (Royal Highland Education Trust) was talking about farming and how there lots of different jobs involved in it.’ Ethan

Mrs Elms, and her four-legged friend..... filled us all in about the job of a vet...   

‘Dogs can swallow golf balls! Vets need to give them an x-ray to see what is inside the animal and then when they see it they need to do operations to get the stuff out.’ Jackson

‘Vets can save all different kinds of animals but some vets specialise in different kinds of animals like farms animals and reptiles.’  Amy-lee

‘Mr Neilson, a company director told us how his company makes fish food and how there are so many different machines and robots.  There are loads of different jobs in the one company. Vets, marine biologists, engineers, maintenance teams, accountants, computer workers and more.’ Kirk

Also this week we helped to break a WORLD RECORD!! 

As part of the National Numeracy Day on Wednesday we took part in a live stream of the biggest number roll in history!  We joined in with the Times Tables Rock Stars and took part in a call and response chant along with over 5000 other schools!  An official adjudicator from the Guinness World Record team confirmed the achievement on the live stream that day! How exciting!! To see the moment when we found out that we helped to break the record you can follow this link VID_20220518_094416.mp4 .